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The Spirit’s Conviction | John 16:5-11 | Josh Valdez
I. Christ’s Departure: Our Advantage (5-7)
II. Spirit’s Arrival: World Conviction (8-11)

Big Idea

Jesus tells us that it is to our advantage that he depart and the Holy Spirit arrive. The Holy Spirit’s ministry to the world is conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgement.


“In the New Testament, the Spirit is the down payment of eternal life, the foretaste of the eternal, unshielded presence of Deity, the one who incorporates us into the body of Christ, the one who regenerates us and indwells us: how could these blessings possibly come to us until the basis for them was established? And that basis is the triumph of Christ, his return to the Father via the cross and the grave.” ~ D.A. Carson

“The Holy Spirit does not come to make sinners comfortable in their sins, but to cause them to grieve over their sins. He does not help them to forget their sin, or think little of it, but he comes to convince them of the horrible enormity of their iniquity

There is a withering work of the Spirit of God which we must experience, or we shall never know his quickening and restoring power. This withering is a most necessary experience, and just now needs much to be insisted on. Today we have so many built up who were never pulled down; so many filled who were never emptied; so many exalted who were never humbled; that I all the more earnestly remind you that the Holy Spirit must convince us of sin, or we cannot be saved.”
~ C.H. Spurgeon