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The Spirit’s Purpose | John 16:14-15 | Josh Valdez
I. Glorifying Christ (14a)
II. Glorifying Explained (15b-15)

Big Idea

Who is the Holy Spirit? What is his chief purpose? In John 16:14-15, Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit will glorify him.


“The Spirit does not glorify Himself; He glorifies the Son…This is, to me, one of the most amazing and remarkable things about the biblical doctrine of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit seems to hide Himself and to conceal Himself. He is always, as it were, putting the focus on the Son, and that is why I believe, and I believe profoundly, that the best test of all as to whether we have received the Spirit is to ask ourselves, what do we think of, and what do we know about, the Son. Is the Son real to us? That is the work of the Spirit. He is glorified indirectly; He is always pointing us to the Son.

And so you see how easily we go astray and become heretical if we concentrate overmuch, and in an unscriptural manner, upon the Spirit himself. Yes, we must realize that He dwells within us, but His work in dwelling within us is to glorify the Son, and to bring to use that blessed knowledge of the Son and of His wondrous love to us. It is He who strengthens us with might in the inner man (Eph. 3;16), that we know this love, this love of Christ.” ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones

“He shall continually teach, lead, and guide disciples to make much of Christ. Any religious teaching that does not tend to exalt Christ has a fatal defect about it. It cannot be from the Spirit.” ~ J.C. Ryle

“By a false pretense of the Spirit, the world was bewitched to depart from the simple purity of Christ; for, as soon as the Spirit is separated from the word of Christ, the door is open to all kinds of delusions and impostures.”

“Whatever does not have its origin in the Scriptures is surely from the devil himself.” ~ Martin Luther