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Why the World Hates God  |  John 15:21-25

I. Hatred From Ignorance (21-22)
II. Hatred Without Cause (23-25)

Big Idea

Christians are hated by the world because the world hates Jesus and hates God the Father. They hate because they are willfully ignorant and they hate without reason. God is light, the world is darkness, and light exposes the evil in the darkness.


Nowhere is the world’s hatred more clearly set forth than in those many people who judge themselves to be ‘liberal’ but who are most illiberal when it comes to Christian absolutes. They demonstrate their forbearance and large-hearted goodness when they confront diverse opinions, varied lifestyles and even idiotic practices. / But if some Christian claims that Christianity is exclusive (as Jesus insisted), or that moral absolutes exists because they are grounded in the character of God (as the Bible teaches), or that there is a hell to be shunned as well as heaven to be gained, the most intemperate language is used to excoriate the poor fool. The world hates. ~ D.A. Carson

Do you expect to be crowned with gold where he was crowned with thorns?
~C.H. Spurgeon

By coming and speaking to them Jesus incited the most central and controlling of sins: rejection of God’s gracious revelation, rebellion against God, decisive preference for darkness rather than light. ~ D.A. Carson

Total rejection in the face of total revelation is unforgivable, since there is nothing left for God to show such people. ~ John MacArthur