What a Glorious Night
O Come, All You Unfaithful
His Robes for Mine


The Riches of the Word  |  Psalm 19:7-11

I. Riches (7-9)
II. Rewards (10-11)

Big Idea

The Bible provides us with many benefits. God uses to the Bible in our lives for salvation, sanctification joy, discernment, permanence, judgment. The Bible is worth more than all the world’s riches, and is more enjoyable than all the world’s pleasures.


“We see the world for exactly what it is because we see it biblically. We understand life and death. We understand the origin of all things and the end that all things are marching toward. We can see the purposes of God unfolding throughout history. We understand good and evil, sin and righteousness. We understand how the Lord has ordered the world—how He restraints sinners and how HIs law works in the hearth through the conscience. We understand the role of the family, the role of government, and what happens to a society when family and government start to break down. We understand the function of the church, the power of the gospel, and the work of the kingdom that God has called us to do. From the doctrines of God’s Word, we understand reality with a clarity and perspective that unrepentant sinners could never comprehend.” ~ John MacArthur

“Wealth can heal no wounded spirit, cheer no sinking soil, give hope to no despondent mind, defend against none of the worse ills of life, point no weary traveler to the way of rest, give no assurance of happiness beyond the grave. God’s word can do all these things, and a thousand times more.” ~ William S. Plumer